22. September 2023

Bitcoin To Revolutionize Credit and Monetary Policy: Natalie Smolenski

• Natalie Smolenski is a business executive, academic researcher and regulatory policy advocate working to advance Bitcoin adoption.
• She is a public speaker who can explain Bitcoin holistically and address critical issues such as the advent of central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).
• At Bitcoin 2023, she will be discussing “Bitcoin, Energy Systems And The State” alongside investment strategist Lyn Alden.

Natalie Smolenski’s Qualifications

As a business executive, academic researcher and regulatory policy advocate, Natalie Smolenski is uniquely qualified to advance Bitcoin adoption among institutions, academia and policymakers. She is a gifted public speaker, mastering the difficult recipe of championing Bitcoin holistically, conveying deep knowledge across the numerous disciplines that this technology touches through easily-digestible explanations.

Discussion at Bitcoin 2023

At Bitcoin 2023, she’s poised to discuss “Bitcoin, Energy Systems And The State” in a panel discussion alongside investment strategist and renowned author Lyn Alden.They will be discussing the effects that the coexistence of bitcoin with inflationary fiat currencies will have on global credit, banking business models and the role of the state in monetary policy as well as touch on the relationship between computation which secures the Bitcoin network energy and civilizational growth.

Banking Crisis

Smolenski has also commented on how governments are trying to make depositors whole while stimulating economic growth through fractional-reserve lending leading to a crisis of trust — i.e., a crisis of credit — for sovereigns globally.

Role Of Bitcoin

She believes that soon enough bitcoin will prove to be a reliable store of value and medium of exchange for millions around the world but also is an unattractive currency to borrow in due to its appreciation in value over time which may lead to slower rate of growth in credit than anticipated.

Future Policy Notes

To ensure an abundant energy future in USA , Smolenski suggests cultivating population with capacity harness abundant energy build new more resilient institutions.