22. September 2023

Jumpstart Your Filecoin Plus Journey at DSPA-Asia’s BootCamp!

• Protocol Labs and GreaterHeat will officially launch the first Filecoin Plus BootCamp on June 25, 2003.
• The BootCamp will take place at The Conrad Hong Kong from June 26 to 27 and includes over 30 speakers from the Web 3.0 and Filecoin industry.
• DSPA-Asia’s BootCamp program provides learning modules in both business and technical subjects to help storage providers learn, grow, and thrive within the Web 3.0 Storage business.

Decentralized Storage Network Filecoin Boosted by Accelerator Asia

The decentralized storage network Filecoin has received a welcome boost as Protocol Labs and Singapore-based Web3 technology company GreaterHeat have announced that Decentralized Storage Providers Accelerator Asia (DSPA-Asia) will officially kick-start its first Filecoin Plus BootCamp at a gala dinner at Regent Hong Kong on June 25, 2003. GreaterHeat’s CEO David Li will officiate this launch event.

What is the BootCamp?

The highly anticipated Asian BootCamp will be hosted at The Conrad Hong Kong, spanning two days from June 26 to 27. This event aims to gather esteemed Storage Providers (SPs) from China, South Korea, Japan, India, and other Asian regions providing them with invaluable knowledge on successfully transitioning from being a Filecoin (FIL) to a FileCoin Plus (FIL+) Storage Provider.

Program Objectives

This program promotes deep engagement in the Filecoin Plus ecosystem by providing a range of systematic Web 3.0 storage Bootcamp courses as well as rich technical resources and opportunities to network with top Web 3.0 business professionals all across Asia. DSPA-Asia’s BootCamp offers learning modules in both business and technical subjects which cover areas such as FIL+ Development History & Financial Analysis; Dive deep into LDN; E-FIL Module; Supporting FIL+; Tooling; Deals Sending & Importing Data; Sealing etc..

Cohorts & Timeframe

The bootcamp program consists of two cohorts lasting 6-8 months including program preparation plus follow up evaluation for each cohort respectively.

FileCoin Network Transition towards FIl+

The genesis of this bootcamp program lies in the rapid development of the original filecoin network which previously focused mainly on cold data storage and had over 70% of it’s capacity residing in Asia alone but faced challenges when transitioning towards FIleCoin Plus due to lack of assistance or support with this transition . In response Protocol Labs launched their accelerator initiative in collaboration with GreaterHeat thus leading us up until present day where they are set to launch their official first ever boot camp aimed primarily at helping these large scale Asian file coin SP’s convert into fully fledged FIleCoin plus SP’s .