22. September 2023

Relai Launches OTC Service For Businesses to Buy Bitcoin In 1 Day

• Relai has launched a new OTC service called “Relai Business”, which allows small to medium-sized businesses to purchase bitcoin within one day.
• The app recently received a complete overhaul including a simpler buy-flow, enhanced UX, and support for VISA, Mastercard and Apple Pay.
• Users can retain full sovereignty over their bitcoin with the non-custodial wallets provided by Relai.

Relai Launches OTC Service for Businesses

Relai has announced the launch of “Relai Business,” a new Over-the-Counter (OTC) service aimed at business clients. According to the release sent to Bitcoin Magazine, Relai Business will allow small to medium-sized businesses to purchase Bitcoin within one day.

Features of Relai App

The Relai app recently underwent a complete overhaul including a simpler buy-flow and enhanced user experience (UX). The company also added support for VISA, Mastercard and Apple Pay, increasing options for users to purchase Bitcoin. According to the press release, “the Swiss company recently reported record numbers both in terms of active users and trading volume.”

Non-Custodial Wallets

Relai allows users to retain as much control over their money as possible. The app provides non-custodial wallets which lets users retain control over their own keys and therefore full sovereignty over their Bitcoin. However, it should be noted that the most secure way to store Bitcoin is always in cold storage using a dedicated hardware device.

First OTC Solution

This is Relai’s second OTC solution; its first being “Relia Private” which was aimed at high net worth individuals allowing for transactions greater than 100 000 CHF/EUR.

Growing Market

Julian Liniger commented on this growing market stating: “It’s a huge market that we are entering: There are 25M SMEs in Europe, and a growing number of them are led by bitcoiners In the next ten years millions of businesses will want to allocate billions into Bitcoin, and we’re gonna make it super easy for them do so!”